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About Us


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LAIDOFFNYC is an innovative platform showcasing what is happening in the world while being laid off and under lockdown as a result of Covid-19 : Art, Fashion,  Music, Tech and Politics. We’re a multi media outlet providing audiences with an approachable and interactive form of gonzo journalism. Our writers are all New Yorkers, from a variety of backgrounds, who work and are inspired by the industries they’re involved in.


We are a community of laid off or financially precarious freelancers; nuanced, voyeuristic and creative New Yorkers - people who share a love of our city’s vibrancy and energy. Everyone who produces content for the site has 100% ownership of their work. For example, the idea is to have people in fashion talking about fashion; musicians interviewing musicians; artists exploring their creativity through showing work, such as, cultivating a gallery experience from home. The goal is for contributors to be a progressive and healthy voice for their communities. We are “Millennial” New Yorkers needing an outlet for our voices during and after this pandemic.