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About Us

About Us


We’re Back!

In the fall, something unthinkable happened: The entire staff of Laid Off NYC got hired, so we took a break. But now we’re back with a brand new team of editors (most of whom are extremely laid off) and a clear aesthetic vision. Our focus will be on publishing thoughtful writing and deep reporting on the arts, politics and local phenomena. Our editors are New Yorkers, but we have roots all over the world, and we want to attract contributors who reflect that.

We have neither the capacity nor the desire to consistently publish breaking news; there are already plenty of New York publications that do that. What we’re looking for instead is deep dives—interviews, profiles, reported features—into people and issues that aren’t being covered the way they deserve to be. Most of us come from writing backgrounds, but we’re open to publishing stories in whatever medium will tell them most effectively—audio, photo, video, animation, cartooning, cave painting, whatever works.

For now, we’re unfunded and our editorial staff is working for free. We’ll be looking to monetize as soon as it’s realistic to do so in an ethical way. But until then, all our content-makers will own 100 percent of their work. We want to be a place for young, unestablished storytellers to experiment, publish their work, and show it to the world.

Please email all pitches to

We look forward to working with you.

In Sickness and In Health,

Laid Off NYC


Raphael Helfand (Editorial Director, Music Editor)

Dan Girma (Content Curator, Global Politics Editor)

David Kobe (Local Politics Editor)

Mikaela Dery (Fashion Editor)

Rex Doty (Thoughts Editor)

Jda Gayle (Thoughts Editor)

Rapha Grumser (Music Editor)

Guillermo Manning (Visuals Editor)

Scott Fischbein (Visuals Editor)

Lily Houston Smith (Guest Editor)